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Tom Cummins Sustainability Facts

Tom Cummins is wishing everyone a happy Monday, and would like to do a little blurb on green energy facts! CEO Tom Cummins, President Jim Bridgeforth, and the rest of the team at American Power and Gas love to expand our knowledge on green energy innovations and practices. American Power and Gas that is not the only business that cares about the environment! Many are wondering what consumers and businesses will use to combat the distress bestowed on our environment resulting from brown energy sources.

Corporations have personal and internal expectations for the quality of their products and methods of production. But there are external expectations pressured from the public. Although some find the need for conversion to green sources is obvious. Others are still unsure of the effects brown energy and waste has on the environment. More importantly people aren’t sure how to contribute and be part of the change.

Tom Cummins is going to share some tips with you… There are ways to help, like conserving the brown energy usage until cleaner methods of electricity generation to get put into place.

What Tom Cummins Suggests:

First and foremost, find out where most of your energy is consumed. “Pin point what machinery or office spaces require the most usage and evaluate how to reduce the amount of consumption without reducing productivity” (Leblanc, 2017). Energy audits are also helpful so there is an understanding of how much energy is being used. Keep in touch our next blog  we’ll teach you more more about energy audits!

Be Efficient and Tactical

Labeling switches solidifies that people are switching the correct sets of lights on and off as needed. Charge appliances at night (off peak times) electricity used during the evening time is cheaper. Use timers and energy saver settings on the machinery used in the office. “Unplug appliances after work because most electronics use energy even after being turned off. Adjust lighting so that employees are getting the perfect amount” (leblanc, 2017). Not enough lighting can be harmful; “but too much lighting creates glares and can influence head aches for employees” (Leblanc, 2017) while wasting electricity. Involve natural lighting in the work space when possible; this is a substitute for solar panels that aren’t within the company’s budget plan.

Embrace Technology and Take Advantage

Keep things digital vs physical as often as possible. Utilize the advancements of technology. View and file documents online instead of printing unneeded materials. Choosing video conference over travel is a useful sustainability practice. Recycle! Also buy used, and reuse furniture or other supplies in the office setting. Reusing is not above anyone, it reminds everyone to care for their office supplies. And reusing cut costs while helping the environment.


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Check out more cool Ideas and some that Tom wants us to post later regarding conserving water in a business as well!


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