Tom Cummins’ Little Turkeys Get Stuffed!

Tom Cummins’ Lovely Thanksgiving Story

Twas the day before Thanksgiving and all through Tom Cummins office, people were loud. The turkey and ham sat in the middle of crowds. The spread was amazing, enough to make anyone proud. The best part was the people and the smiles they stared. The room radiated laughter and joy from the care.

What Are You Thankful For?

On this beautiful day, and during the bountiful holidays we usually ponder on what we are thankful for. Typically we are thankful for our families, pets,  and the bonds we share with others. Maybe we are grateful for some material things as well, a new car, or electronic of some sort. That’s all fine, but what about your job? Do you love, are you grateful for your job? The team at American Power and Gas are grateful for their job. We work for a company that appreciates us, CEO Tom Cummins and President Jim Bridgeforth exemplify their value for their employees on a consistent basis.

All Of Tom Cummins’ Favorites

Every Thanksgiving we have a company potluck. Jim Bridgeforth and Tom Cummins have Honey Baked Ham cater food for the whole company! Even better, the employees bring HOMEMADE sides for everyone to grub on! It is a delicious feast, and we are usually too full to talk about it afterwards. But it was an awesome event that we decided must be shared with our loyal blog readers! Shoot maybe your work will jump on board and mimic the event so you can have turkey time too!

Keep In Touch With Tom Cummins

Don’t forget “Black Friday” is approaching so you can get your buy on for the whole family! Make sure you read our blog, we have some great tips on some “clean energy vendors.”  Jim Bridgeforth has given advice on how to shop with the environment in mind using special grocery bags. Best of all, maybe you can carpool through this holiday season! All the advancements in technology let you shop from the comfort of your home… This gives you more time to figure out how you want to impact the world in a positive way next year.

Stay tuned for more festivities at American Power and Gas! Tom Cummins wishes everyone safe trips during this week and weekend. We hope everyone has some really memorable moments with their families during this holiday, and we are stoked to see what Christmas brings!




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