5 Benefits of Energy Deregulation

The energy industry is rapidly changing due to the trend of deregulation. In the past, governmental authorities worked with individual local utility companies to offer home and business owners with a single standardized option for their power. While this tight control helped to stabilize the industry and establish important infrastructure in the early twentieth century, many feel that this regulated system is outdated and non-optimal. New legislation keeps the basic means of transmitting and delivering energy in place while allowing alternative suppliers to enter the market, thereby “restructuring” or “unbundling” energy.

While it is actually relatively simple, the dynamics of energy deregulation can seem confusing, and your local utility is (for obvious reasons) not particularly motivated to advertise alternatives, so you may not even realize what your options are. However, many consumers appreciate deregulation because this shift makes room for innovative companies like American Power and Gas to better serve their needs. In the following blog, we discuss the top five benefits of energy deregulation so you can better understand and experience them.

1. You could save money on your monthly power and gas bills.

It’s a fundamental tenet of capitalist economics that competition drives down prices, and the energy industry is no different. When alternative energy suppliers enter the deregulated market, they often try to win over customers by offering attractive rates. At American Power and Gas, our energy experts leverage their extensive knowledge of the field to find the highest quality, lowest price fuel sources.

2. You can opt for greener energy.

According to The American Environmental Values Survey, “77% of Americans say they worry about the environment a great deal or a fair amount.” If you’d like to make your electricity and gas greener, deregulation can help you do so. At American Power and Gas, we’ve spent the past 15 years surveying millions of customers, and we found that most wanted more environmentally friendly energy. As an alternative supplier, we seek out the greenest possible power sources to help protect the planet while serving your needs. We’ve also created The Green Effect initiative to help educate people about environmental issues. Deregulation allows you to put your money where your mouth is and support energy companies whose priorities align with your own.

3. Your service won’t be interrupted if you switch.

As mentioned above, deregulation only affects the supply of energy, not its distribution or delivery channels. If you decide to change from your local utility, you’ll simply receive a different bill (and have access to different customer support resources) at the end of every month. You will not have to install any new hardware or go without power for any length of time as you make the transition. Making the most of deregulation and choosing a new supplier is typically a convenient, smooth process.

4. You can enjoy better customer service.

How many times have you tried to call your local utility with a question about your bill or rates only to be put on hold for a seemingly interminable amount of time? Since regulation gives these companies a monopoly on the energy market, many of them simply aren’t up to snuff in the customer service department. With deregulation, another way energy companies can garner business is with outstanding customer service. For example, American Power and Gas has an excellent team of live, US-based customer service representatives available to handle your questions, address your concerns, and exceed your expectations.

5. You could take advantage of alternative suppliers’ discount and loyalty programs.

In a competitive, deregulated energy market, companies will often find creative ways to capture customers’ attention (and patronage). While sticking with your local utility might seem like the easiest option, you should be sure to shop around, especially since many alternative suppliers offer valuable promotions. American Power and Gas rewards our customers with a hefty annual rebate. Every 12 months, we’ll average out your monthly payments and send you back 25% of this amount. We’re serious about our rebate program—we’ve written our loyal clientele checks for over $900,000 in this year alone.

Deregulation Puts Your Power in Your Hands

Adding competition back into the energy market proves to be advantageous for consumers in numerous ways. Enroll with American Power and Gas today to start enjoying the benefits for yourself.


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