American Power & Gas Conducting Mass Hiring Effort

customercare2TAMPA, Fla. – A Tampa Bay Area company is aiming to hire up to 120 additional employees as they continue to expand their energy company.

American Power and Gas is growing their business to prepare for the addition of two new deregulated states.  In doing so, they are currently focusing on finding highly qualified applicants to include veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.

“Hiring veterans is one of the best ways we can give back to those who were willing to sacrifice it all, which is why we hire them directly and work with veterans’ advocacy organizations,” said Andrea d’Agostini, vice president of marketing and public relations.

While Florida’s unemployment rate is currently 5.5 percent, American Power and Gas is trying to do what they can to help by doubling their workforce. As the company enters more deregulated states, more staffing will be required.

The company currently offers power customers in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania with alternatives to where their energy is purchased.

American Power and Gas is currently seeking inside sales representatives who, once hired, will receive a generous salary with no capped commission along with full benefit programs. Experience is not necessary, as the company has a full-scale training program for new-hires to provide them the right tools to be successful within the organization.

In addition to hiring members of the public, American Power and Gas is focusing heavily on hiring veterans. Creating jobs for those who are willing to work hard in the workforce is a high point of emphasis in the company’s growth plan.

Currently, there are 150 employees in Seminole, Florida and 110 in Barranquilla, Columbia.

American Power and Gas is an energy company located in Seminole, Florida. Job seekers should contact or by phone at (888) 815-6971.

About American Power and Gas
Based in Seminole, Florida, American Power and Gas provides alternative options for energy customers. They offer the opportunity to purchase affordable energy and provide innovative solutions for both businesses and homeowners. As a leader in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania and the northern United States, they are committed to affordable, renewable energy solutions for all. American Power and Gas prides themselves in their knowledge, service and expertise in providing low cost energy solutions.

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