The Best Ways Businesses can Reduce their Carbon Footprint

These days business are becoming efficient in their operations, and it’s about time they become responsible too and start focusing on the environment as well. In a recent article we discussed how homeowners can reduce their footprint. Now let’s look at the corporate and business responsibility.

Here are some simple tips for your business if you wish to be more responsible and environment-friendly.

1- Reduce your energy consumption

Energy usage by the companies is by far the most significant contributor towards their carbon foot, often exceeding as much as 50% of their carbon footprint.

The first step in the reduction in energy consumption is the use of lighting. Switch to more energy efficient lamps such as incandescent lamps. These will drive down your energy consumption by almost 50%. Furthermore, you can also design your settlements in such a way that you can utilize natural lighting. All the top countries such as Ferrari etc. have their offices planned in a way where they can best use the natural light. Furthermore, you can also install automatic lighting system, so they are designed to go offline when there is no use being carried out.

Invest in better and energy efficient equipment. For example, go for technologies like heat pumps and condensing boilers for heating purposes for better and efficient heating system. This will not only reduce energy consumption but will also drive down expenses, hence driving up the revenues.

Lastly, take care of the equipment. Try to maintain your cooling system as per instructions of the manufacturer, have proper check-ups of the equipment so that you can make sure that it is working up to the mark.

2- Recycle

Waste that is produced by the businesses ends up in the landfills and is one of the most significant causes of methane gas production which is a greenhouse gas. Therefore to reduce these and other greenhouse gases, businesses should recycle their waste or should at least implement a waste recycling strategy. This will not only reduce the waste for the overall environment; help business lessen the carbon footprint but will also create additional resources for the company. Another extension of this can also be applied if your company decides to go paperless. This will also create a better environment for the company and will also speed up processes and operations.

3- Become more fuel efficient

With the advancements in technology, you can reduce your fuel expenses by flying less frequently. You can depend on Skype or Webex for face to face meetings if all of the attendees can’t be in one room.

Apart from this, companies can initiate community transport for staff or can encourage carpooling. Furthermore, the company can also invest in green taxis and can introduce cycles to work among the staff.

4- Efficient Procurement

For some businesses, the carbon footprint from the supply chain is more significant than any other operation or process. Materials that are procured by the organization in effect have carbon emissions associated with them-these come from production, transport, processing use and disposal of the good. Companies, which have to procure large quantities of goods, they need to apply efficient procurement principles, which include observing your supply chain for a possible reduction in carbon footprint and efficiency. Furthermore, companies can also reduce carbon emissions by buying goods that have eco-friendly stickers on them.

These steps may seem non-significant, but they can help a company reduce a good amount of carbon footprint. An effective action plan can help a company reduce carbon footprint significantly and can help save money. The trick lies in identifying and prioritizing the actions which impact the carbon emissions the most.


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