Energy company’s president steps up to donate $40,000 to Clearwater Winter Wonderland

SEMINOLE, Fla. – Clearwater’s Winter Wonderland has been a part of the Clearwater community since 1993 and will continue to be so due to a $40,000 donation from American Power & Gas.

In the weeks and months leading up to the opening of Winter Wonderland on Friday, there was a problem identified with the set. It was originally designed to only be used for one year, but had been continued to be used for 14 years. The floors were no longer safe to walk on and the Clearwater Community Volunteers weren’t sure where they money was going to come from to fix the set.DSC_0486

When the leadership from American Power & Gas heard about this, they jumped into action to ensure the traditions would stay in place. The money donated was used towards buying a new, high tech, phenomenal stage.

“It was our honor to be able to provide for the Clearwater Community Volunteers so the Winter Wonderland could continue to be a part of our community,” explained Jim Bridgeforth, president of American Power & Gas. “We want to ensure this continues so those who are in need will be able to have food and toys this holiday season. It’s a Clearwater tradition that needs to be preserved and supported.”

During this year’s opening lighting ceremony, Bridgeforth was presented with a gift as a thank you from the community to American Power & Gas, giving free access to the park’s attractions to all the employees and their families. He then participated in the lighting ceremony for this year’s beginning of the food and toy drive at Winter Wonderland in Clearwater.

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