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Revolutionary Aviation

Tom Cummins CEO of American Power and Gas are usually ahead of the times. We pride ourselves on updating our audience with the latest green technologies, and creating solutions for the most common effects to the environment. Regardless of how new or old, this technology is way too spectacular to pass up! Solar Power Planes? We post a lot about electric operated vehicles, solar powered homes, and ethical practices that are fun to consider. But This?!?! Coolest innovation we have come across in 2018.


What’s The Story?

In the end of July in 2015 Pilot Bertrand Piccard flew this beauty around the world! starting from Abu Dhabi, UAE, “Solar Impulse 2” traveled 26,000 miles in 505 days, using only sunlight for power. This solar powered plane moves at a speed of about 45 mph on average. Although the plane fits 2 people in the cockpit, and has a wing span of 235 ft.; the planes weighs in at only 2.4 tons. Tom Cummins knows the work that was involved in this mission is immeasurable, but well worth it. This plane carries more than 17,0000 solar cells on it’s wings. the plane spent more than 23 days in the air using no fossil fuels, only sunlight!

How did it work?

During the daylight the solar panels fed power to the batteries that operated the plane. Andre’ Borschberg was the other pilot in the equation, and the travel method for both of them was enduring. The pilot lifted the plane “29,000 feet into the atmosphere during the day and slid down to about 5,000 feet by night in order to conserve power” (Carrington, 2016). “Breaking a record for the longest uninterrupted journey in aviation history Borschberg flew the longest leg with only slight naps, and single seat doubling as a toilet”(Carrington, 2016). The leg that Borschberg flew totaled 4,000 miles, running over the Pacific From Japan to Hawaii.


Making Changes

This journey of accomplishment is revolutionary for many. Although science has developed methods to fuel airplanes with many different types of oils, and particles, this is not the end. Yet again, a huge stride towards a cleaner environment has occurred. Tom Cummins and the team here at American Power and Gas have much respect for all the blood sweat and tears we imagine went into this excursion.


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