Global Turn Around-Tom Cummins Gets Excited

Tom Cummins looking Towards the Future of Green Energy

CEO Tom Cummins is not alone with his concern for the environment. There are many countries, companies, and individuals that are anxious to create positive impact on the environment. Many people are attentive towards  stabilizing the planet and it’s future. Paris has uncovered research showing that if there is not a change in current method; the global environment will experience a Celsius increase of at least 2 degrees in the year 2100. Paris has put climate change on the Bill of Agenda, and China has been making strides of improvement toward sustainability for many years. In order to organize a good future for our families; change has to happen now. Tom Cummins and the rest of the team hope for the desire of change to internationally grow.




Paris Supports Sustainable Practices

The goal for Paris is to reduce the earth’s global warming by three degrees Celsius. Paris wants to reduce the climate within the next two centuries. “Research shows that the main contributor to global warming is green house gasses”(Greshko, 2017). Paris studies shows that CO2 Levels are highest they have been in the last 800,000 years”(Greshko, 2017).  Paris immersed over 52 billion tons of CO2 in 2016.  A major decrease or change in production  must be made in order for Paris to reach their goal of 42 billion tons of CO2. With the current production processes Paris has in place  Paris’ goals don’t seem as attainable as we would hope. But the fact that climate change is a target with attention on it is a good sign. China is also putting climate change on their agenda as priority, and so are many other countries.




China Supports Sustainable Practices

Searching for more renewable sources, China is completely active in altering their production, political, and developmental processes. China’s sustainable processes are uneven across their regions. The positive side is that there is plenty of desire and ability for China’s sustainable practices to expand. Changes relative to sustainability have increased in the last 10 years, “China has decreased unemployment rates from 10.2% to 2.8 percent in a matter of ten years” (Action,2013). “Importing and exporting plants are staying in compliance with sustainability practices with global forest product chain development” (Action, 2013). China still has a journey ahead towards more sustainable practices. “With a 26 percent decline in energy use from 2005- 2010″(Action, 2013) China is heading in the right direction.





Tom Cummins- Keep Moving Forward

Tom Cummins at American Power and Gas likes to keep the audience updated on all the support for the green movement. As Paris and China continue to progress, their examples will hugely influence other countries. Be a part of the movement in one way or another. The environment needs the support and knowledge from people that are ready to change. Tom Cummins says that,”if we don’t start looking out for the future no one will.” The world has a lot of work to do in order to pave the way for a safe and healthy future. Stay posted on all the exciting things happening in around the world, and in your local communities. We have some great links below that will help you find some extra information on these topics and more!





Here’s how you can stay informed on the Green Energy Movement.

Stay posted on all the exciting things happening around the world and in your local communities. We have some great links below that will help you find some extra information on these topics and more! In addition to energy info, we post a lot of fun stuff on our Facebook page. If you are not checking out  the Facebook page during the holidays, you are definitely missing out! Check out the link below, we are posting a really creepy video very soon!



Here’s some additional information about the global changes that are being made

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