How Going Green Can Benefit Your Business

If you’re a business owner in the modern world, you may have pondered making your company more environmentally friendly. Of course, protecting the planet is important, but is it a good business decision? There are many factors that enter in to this decision, and you wouldn’t want to sacrifice your bottom line or risk interrupting your daily operations for slightly cleaner power. However, in the modern energy market, it seems increasingly clear that making Mother Earth a priority can provide generous returns. At American Power and Gas, we offer alternative energy solutions for both residential and commercial properties. We enjoy collaborating with businesspeople to help them go green while growing their profits. In the following blog, we explain how switching to environmentally conscious energy can benefit your business.

It’s What Your Customers Want

As ecological consciousness comes to the forefront in the modern political atmosphere and environmental issues become more well-known, your customers are most likely quite savvy to (and perhaps even actively seeking out) greener options. According to a 2013 article from Environmental Leader: Environmental & Energy Management News, “a record-high 71 percent of Americans consider the environment when they shop, up from 66 percent in 2008…Some 7 percent consider the environment every time they shop while 20 percent consider it regularly.” Similarly, an astonishing “82 percent of people are more likely to choose your business if you are eco-friendly.”

With a clear demand for environmentally friendly products and services, the time to make the transition is now. Since it has become a major concern for customers, your competitors are most likely gearing up to go green. You can keep your current clients and attract new ones by staying ahead of the curve.

Environmentally Conscious, Economical Energy

Let’s face it: most businesses can’t function without power. You need electricity and gas to access the Internet, keep computerized records, bill customers, and simply keep the lights on at your office. Unfortunately, energy consumption can also be highly damaging to the environment. Powering your company the traditional way can use up nonrenewable fossil fuels, create excessive waste, and contribute to pollution. Fortunately, American Power and Gas has an answer to this conundrum. Over the past 15 years, our experienced energy experts have found greener fuel alternatives to keep your business going while helping you go green.

We provide completely pollution-free power, generated by 100% renewable resources such as wind, biomass (animal waste and plant substances), and solar energy. We currently offer green power to businesses in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, but will soon be expanding our operations as more and more states deregulate their energy markets, allowing other suppliers to provide alternatives to the local utility. If your company partners with American Power and Gas, you can power your operations with clean energy without breaking the bank. In addition to providing affordable monthly rates, we offer a 25 percent annual rebate program, putting even more money back in your pocket. American Power and Gas also has an outstanding, US-based live customer service team to answer your questions and address your concerns.

The Power of Promotion

Once you’ve switched to more sustainable energy with American Power and Gas, you’ll need to advertise your change to get the most out of it. Many of your current and prospective customers are probably actively seeking out green businesses, but they’ll need to actually know you’re environmentally conscious to choose your company for that reason. American Power and Gas is committed to helping our corporate clients succeed with cleaner energy, so we provide free promotional materials for you to use when you work with us. We offer engaging customized videos, eloquent press releases, and beautiful banners and logos for you to use in your marketing efforts. We recommend sharing these on your social media, email, and site to expand your web presence. Your dedication to going green can become a major selling point for your company.

We’ll also feature your business as one of our honored partners on our web campaign, The Green Effect. This civic initiative works to unite people around the green energy cause, promote alternative power sources, and provide practical information about how to lead a more ecologically conscious lifestyle. Individuals and fellow businesses that participate in The Green Effect are much more likely to patronize businesses involved in this program.

Enjoy a Greener Planet and Wallet

American Power and Gas is passionate about providing more environmentally friendly power and helping our partner companies prosper. We intertwine these goals by using green energy to make your bills more affordable and boost your revenues through savvy marketing. Contact us today to enroll in our services, become a featured partner with The Green Effect, or simply learn more about how environmentally conscious power can help you profit.

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