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Jim Bridgeforth President of American Power helps so many business owners use 100% green energy. The team at American Power and Gas decided it’s time to explain how the process works. Suppliers are able to purchase different kinds of energy. In previous blogs, we explained how deregulation allows consumers to choose their own supplier.We also explained what you should know about fixed and variable rates when choosing a supplier. Some suppliers offer their customers green energy options. Suppliers purchase wind energy for electricity, and purchase clean energy for Gas. Below you will see the facts on each of these types of green energy, but most importantly Jim Bridgeforth wants customers to understand that you can go green for your business or home without any headache. Keep reading and let us explain!


Green Electric

Wind turbines are large mechanisms that generate power using force from wind currents. These turbines have very long stouts with three propellers that are about 25 feet long. The turbines are extremely powerful, as one turbine on it’s own has the ability to power 1400 homes. Suppliers purchase the green electric and then pass it on to the consumer through the utility’s lines and meters.


Green/ Clean Gas

What is Green Energy? In the U.S., there are two parallel and related, but distinct, environmental markets . The market for renewable energy certificates (REC) and the market for voluntary emission reductions (VERs), also known as carbon offsets.

How the two markets work:

Carbon offsets, also known as VERs or CRTs (carbon reduction tons), represent the act of reducing, avoiding, destroying or sequestering the equivalent of a ton of greenhouse gas (GHG) is one place to “offset” an emission taking place somewhere else. Offsets generally represent direct emission reductions or sequestration. For example, the destruction of methane emitted from decaying manure at a dairy farm. So they can be used to offset direct emissions, like those from emissions come from on-site, direct sources: a boiler or a generator at an office building

Renewable energy certificates, or RECs, represent one megawatt hour (MWH) of energy generated from a clean, renewable source, such as wind, solar, hydro, or certain types of renewable biomass. Since these renewable energy resources generate little to no carbon as they produce energy, they represent an indirect emission reduction, whereby a “clean” energy source “offsets” the demand for “dirty” fossil-fueled energy.


It is the same process as choosing a supplier, you don’t change your billing methods. Receiving wind turbine/ green energy doesn’t require consumers to remove or add anything to their lines or meters. If you want green energy, find a supplier that offers green energy and chose them as your supplier. Suppliers are regulated by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), but you must  receive paperwork stating that the green energy you chose is 100% green energy. Jim Bridgeforth at American Power and Gas sends consumers certificates for going green. We will sometimes  plant tress for each consumer that enrolls as a green customer.


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