Jim Bridgeforth Christmas Shopping Tips


Green Lights for Your Christmas

Jim Bridgeforth and the Team at American Power and Gas are grabbing your attention with some new facts! While you environmental lovers are looking at all the black Friday deals at Walmart, or rushing to go grab the new I-phone for Christmas; you can feel even better about your purchases because Walmart and Apple are both very environmentally conscious during their production. Walmart is a huge leader in sustainable practice, and Apple is right behind them. So Jim Bridgeforth is giving Walmart  and Apple a much deserved shout out. The hope continues to grow with influential companies setting examples and being the change!



Jim Bridgeforth Stays Amazed

Walmart has made huge strides towards completely supporting the environment and setting the bar for other companies. Don’t get confused though, Walmart has actually decreased their costs by using sustainable resources. 10% of their green energy is self-generated. Self-Generated? How is that possible you might ask. Walmart has installed 460 renewable energy systems between all their locations. Coming in at the top in onsite energy usage; Walmart is recognized by the Us EPA as a leader in renewable energy.




Apple’s Journey

Apple Inc. and manufacturer Foxconn are pushing for the two main locations in China to use 100% green energy during the production of all I-phones. Apple Inc. set the goal for complete renewable resource production in 2015.  According to news, Apple’s renewable source project will be complete by 2018! Just imagine all the pollution a company and manufacturer like Foxconn can reduce by going completely green! What an example to set for others, that if this large of a company can make such an impacting turn around, so can any company!



Tesla Keeps Things exciting

Jim Bridgeforth and everyone else knows that anyone that has a mass demand for energy is probably working with Tesla. High usage demand leads to lots of solar panels. To disperse energy throughout a longer length of time, (i.e. at night) the energy produced by solar panels during the day needs to be stored. This storage makes the energy produced during the day accessible in the evening. Tesla is advanced in green energy innovations and solar batteries. Jim Bridgeforth thinks it will be interesting to see Apple and Tesla begin to work together. As Apple set’s a higher standard for themselves in the realm of environmental preservation Tesla will be stepping to help soon.



The Best You Can

Companies are going green by using solar panels, and biodegradable, or recycled products. Jim Bridgeforth and the rest of the team know that any entity in the midst of transition of renewable usage can support the green movement. Research suggests to support the movement by purchasing products from companies that use renewable sources during their production. When buying cell phones for the whole company, remember that Apple Inc. is environmentally conscious in production. Purchase party favors you need during the holidays from Walmart or other  environmentally conscious companies.


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