My Heart Is Green As I Drive Into 2018

The Key To Change

When people get into and start up their vehicles, they have a good idea of where they are headed.  Transportation is used to get to work quickly, go grocery shopping, appointments, or just hang out with friends and family. All the places that we go are important of course, and having mobile transportation creates a convenience. With the amount of pollution that we create by driving around in our vehicles we do harm the environment.  What is the solution, you might ask? One would be to carpool, bike around, walk, or ride horses like we used to. This a humorous and unrealistic response for many. Considering how advanced we are in technology, we need transportation that is convenient and safe for the environment.  We have them, and they are electric operated vehicles.

Introducing Electric Operated Vehicles

CEO Tom Cummins at American Power and Gas says electric operated vehicles were and still are a fantastic idea. With the original release of electric operated cars came a counterproductive need for charging. electric operated vehicles are supposed to use less/ to no fossil fuels while operating,  eliminate the need for gas, and reduce the emissions in the air that normal vehicles produce. but when electric operated vehicles need to be charged, charging them at pumps that use electricity  is just as harmful to the environment as a regular vehicle. The resources needed to charge battery operated cars were an advocate for the same type of pollution that regular cars create.



More Advanced Phases

The newest solution is to use solar panels for these charging pumps. CEO Tom Cummins says,  “Using solar energy to power the pumps that are used for charging these electric operated vehicles reduces environmental harm.” Solar panels produce: renewable energy as a resource for charging the car, which in turn has no negative effect on the environment. With the last bit of technology applied to this electric operated vehicle, it is now one of the purest solutions available. To all you environmental lovers, check out the new vehicles that are battery operated, remember that regularly operated and fueled cars create a massive amount of pollution in the environment. although solar panel stations are still in the beginning stages, it is a huge step forward toward environmental consciousness. Using energy efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles could make a huge difference in the world.



It Gets Better

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