New player entering the energy game in New Jersey


NEW JERSEY – Customers looking to save money on utility bills do not have to look any further in the New Jersey markets. American Power & Gas has become a large player in the energy industry including the state of New Jersey, providing residents the chance to save money with alternative energy and gas options.

They recently launched an alternative energy option for customers of Jersey Central Power & Light and Public Service Enterprise Group in New Jersey.

Providers like American Power & Gas will be offering competitive variable pricing, a rate which changes on a monthly basis with the market value of energy, in the New Jersey area.

“It is a good thing to have variable rates because customers end up paying closer to the cost of energy in the open commodities market. With fixed rates, customers at times, find themselves saving for a couple of months but when the rates go down, they are stuck paying a higher fixed rate,” explained Andrea d’Agostini, vice president of marketing and public relations.

New Jersey residents will have access to standard energy and green energy. Those who prefer environmentally friendly options, such as wind generated energy, will find that American Power & Gas’ green energy program called, The Green Effect, provides a solution.


“At American Power & Gas we strive to offer the best product on the market to our customers,” said d’Agostini. “We are more than an energy company. Our team is focused and dedicated on helping the planet through our corporate responsibility efforts.”

American Power & Gas is among the larger players in the renewable energy resource market and will be ensuring different options of energy will be presented to all potential clients in the New Jersey market place. Reaching customers to provide the best possible options is a part of what they strive to accomplish in their daily routines.

American Power & Gas is planning to attend future events focusing on green energy campaigns in the greater New Jersey area.  They will also be taking part in a large event focusing on mentoring small businesses owned by veterans, minorities and service disabled veterans, showing how taking part in energy deregulation may benefit the growth of their business.

For more information or to sign up for an alternative energy plan, visit or contact American Power & Gas by phone at (888) 815-6971.

About American Power and Gas
Based in Seminole, Florida, American Power and Gas provides alternative options for energy customers in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They offer the opportunity to purchase affordable energy and provide innovative solutions for both businesses and homeowners. As a leader in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania and the northern United States, they are committed to affordable, renewable energy solutions for all. American Power and Gas prides themselves in their knowledge, service and expertise in providing low cost energy solutions.

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