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Take Me Away American Power and Gas

Take Me Away At American Power and Gas, President Jim Bridgeforth and CEO Tom Cummins are all about motivating employees. We all work hard at this company, and it does not go unnoticed. But what about taking  a break? Just as there are sayings of preserving to reach success, and achieving through embracing mistakes. It […]

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Wait Till You See What’s Attached To These Solar Panels

Revolutionary Aviation Tom Cummins CEO of American Power and Gas are usually ahead of the times. We pride ourselves on updating our audience with the latest green technologies, and creating solutions for the most common effects to the environment. Regardless of how new or old, this technology is way too spectacular to pass up! Solar […]

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My Heart Is Green As I Drive Into 2018

The Key To Change When people get into and start up their vehicles, they have a good idea of where they are headed.  Transportation is used to get to work quickly, go grocery shopping, appointments, or just hang out with friends and family. All the places that we go are important of course, and having […]

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