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What is Renewable Energy?

This article is intended to give you a broad idea of what is Renewable Energy. Keep in mind that this is pretty basic stuff, but most of the time is the lack of understanding of basics that keeps people from fully understand the field. This is useful when you want to gain knowledge to choose […]

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Stacy Francis’ new hit single ‘We Stand Together’ is officially available on iTunes

Last month, American Power and Gas announced its donation of 1,000,000 meals to Feeding America. This simple act inspired artists all over the world to contribute to the cause. Wanting to spread a message of unity, Stacy Francis, X Factor finalist and Broadway star partnered with APG. To commemorate their national ‘Stand Together Movement’ she […]

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STAND TOGETHER   VERSE 1: The consequences growing clearer Look at ourselves now in the mirror We aint the kind to fade and wither Never solved it by crying a river   We can unite keeping our distance Nothing can weaken our resistance It’s an attack on our immunity But it won’t break our community […]