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APG Teams Up with Broadway Star and X Factor Finalist, Stacy Francis to Feed America.

American Power and Gas is teaming up with incredible artists, such as Broadway Star and X-Factor Phenomenon Stacy Francis, who want to make a difference.  As a powerful and energetic person, Stacy joined AP&G’s mission.  Finding strength from her own inspirational story of rising above a daily struggle to getting over 100 million views on […]

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DIY ENERGY AUDIT: How to Do Your Energy Audit in Your Home

Have you been getting really high utility bills even though you’ve invested in all the right energy efficient technology? Are you confused about where you’re losing energy? A simple way to find out is to conduct an energy audit on your home. An energy audit involved finding out where your house is losing energy, and […]

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OP-ED Smart Meters – Out With The Old And In With The New

The article in focus is presenting the idea of smart meters, where the conventional meters will be replaced with new smart meters which are prepaid and will eliminate the need of middlemen to do the readings. This step by the government is a rather welcoming one. There are both pros and cons to it. First […]