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Crypto-Mining Machines Can Rocket Your Energy Bill and Works an “Interest” On Mining

In a recent Inc article, author Tom Popomaronis picked up the Green Team story by bringing awareness to the potential effects of high volume crypto data mining and its impact on power consumption. Cryptocurrency is the no longer stranger to us. The recent boom in this digital currency has taken everyone by surprise, and more people […]

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Reduce Your Energy Bill: Use These Electricity and Energy Saving Tips

Electricity has revamped our lifestyle; it has brought revolution in our lives. But like all other resources, this is also a resource, and we need to use it carefully, so we don’t end up wasting it. Here are some simple tips to save your electricity and reduce your bills. 1-  Air dry your laundry It might […]

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The Plight of Renewable Energy’s Popularity Campaign

The move from coal and fuel to sources of cleaner energy be it the solar energy surge or the enthusiasm for wind power plants has seen indifferent appraise and acceptance in differing time periods. The idea of a greener and the cleaner planet is unquestionably adored however its implementation raises questions and over enthusiasm attracts […]