QUIZ: Should You Work for American Power and Gas?

American Power and Gas is a successful energy company headquartered in Seminole, Florida. For the past 15 years, we’ve provided high quality, low cost electricity and gas to homes and businesses in the eastern United States. Our corporation allows consumers to take advantage of the benefits of deregulation, an increasingly popular setup that restructures the way people get their energy. Traditionally, governmental agencies worked with local utilities to provide electricity and gas, controlling every component, from generation to transmission to delivery. However, recently, some states have been uncoupling energy supply from other services, giving consumers the power to choose where they’d like to get their fuel.

American Power and Gas is an alternative supplier, meaning that homeowners and businesses in deregulated states can switch from their conventional utility system to our affordable, environmentally friendly service. With more and more states passing deregulation legislation, our business is booming, and we’re excited to expand our workforce. As Tampa Bay Newspapers Weekly and the Tampa Bay Business Journal recently reported, we are hiring up to 120 new employees, who will join our current team of 150 in Seminole and collaborate with our 110 Barranquilla, Colombia-based staff members. If you’re on the hunt for a great new job, take our quiz below to find out if you should work for American Power and Gas.

Are you looking for work in the Tampa Bay region?

If you live in this area and are searching for employment, American Power and Gas may be an appealing prospect for you.

Do you have any experience in the energy industry?

Our company supplies electricity and gas to individuals and businesses in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and (soon) many other states. However, you do not need to have prior work experience in the energy industry to qualify for employment with our team. We’re looking for workers with all types of backgrounds and provide extensive on-the-job training to help you learn this exciting, rapidly expanding field. Our managers will also work closely with you to ensure that you become even more confident in your expertise and remain as productive as possible.

Are you a military veteran?

American Power and Gas has the utmost respect for the talented men and women who have dedicated their time and effort to serving our country. We recognize that military veterans have valuable leadership skills, are goal-oriented, and work well under pressure, so we’re actively seeking former members of the United States Armed Forces for our company. Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations, Andrea d’Agostini, explained this emphasis: “Hiring veterans is one of the best ways we can give back to those who were willing to sacrifice it all, which is why we hire them directly and work with veterans’ advocacy organizations.” However, if you’re not a military veteran, don’t despair—we’re also looking for public civilian applicants.

Do you have sales experience?

As we expand into two more states, we’ll need plenty of sales representatives to promote our services to thousands of new prospective customers. Specifically, we’re looking for Inside Sales Representatives with proven experience in every aspect of sales, from qualifying potential clients to closing them. While sales representatives are our primary focus at this time, we encourage anyone interested in working for American Power and Gas to submit a resume, as we are constantly looking to grow every aspect of our company. Even if we do not have a position appropriate for your skills at this time, we will keep your information on file should one become available (and with our rapid expansion, your chances are good).

Are you good at talking to people on the phone?

Many of our sales and customer service positions involve talking to current and prospective clients over the phone. To succeed in these jobs, you should be a comfortable, confident communicator.

Are you looking for a fun, supportive work environment?

American Power and Gas offers an enthusiastic, fast-paced, energetic atmosphere for our employees, as befits our burgeoning industry. In our interviews with current employees, many described our offices as “home” for them. One of our workers commented: “the environment is probably one of the best work atmospheres in the county.” We understand that employees do better when they enjoy what they do and feel acknowledged for their hard work.

Do you like to work as part of a team?

American Power and Gas is a collaborative, cooperative work environment. We hire quality employees, train them well, and create an enjoyable atmosphere, so it comes as no surprise that our team is tight. In recent interviews, one employee stated: “The thing I like most about being here is the team.”

Would you like the opportunity to scale your pay?

With competitive hourly pay as well as generous commissions, American Power and Gas rewards our most productive employees. One of our current team members said he enjoys working at our company because “the earning potential is unlimited.” At one of our recent weekly paycheck celebrations, Brenda earned $1,023 and Tara earned $1,498.

Find Out About Our Career Opportunities

Our Vice President of Administration, Emmett Osborn, summed up our approach to finding outstanding employees in one sentence: “Somebody that’s looking for something different with their life, I always tell them ‘call me, call me right away,’ because we have a home for everybody here in some way, shape, or form. It’s just that awesome.” If you’d like to join our growing team, go to our dedicated Careers Website today to learn more about our opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you!

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