Raising awareness of renewable energy resources

Wind turbines and sunlight based boards are an inexorably regular sight. Why? What are the advantages of sustainable power sources—and how would they enhance our well-being, atmosphere, and economy?

Answers to these questions have to be transfused to the masses so a collective effort can be put towards a green planet initiate and a 100 % renewable energy goal.

Following are the particular discourses around which this narrative has to be built.

The fight against global warming

Human movement is over-burdening our air with carbon dioxide and other dangerous atmospheric harming outflows. These gases behave like a blanket, catching warmth. The outcome is a web of critical and unsafe effects, from more grounded, more successive tempests, to dry season and ocean level ascent.

Conversely, most sustainable power sources deliver practically no an Earth-wide temperature boost outflows. This narrative surrounding global warming issues and its far-reaching effects is one source to raising awareness on the use of renewable energy resources. The discourse can be used at all platforms as the impact of global warming is universal ranging from floods to destroying wildlife (death of coral reefs as a result of increasing ocean temperatures).

The health awareness issue

The health sector can be urged to support the green planet and use of renewable sources of energy cause by creating awareness on the comparative health friendly nature of renewable sources of energy.

The vast majority of the negative wellbeing impacts originate from air and water contamination that renewables don’t deliver. Wind, sunlight based, and hydroelectric frameworks create power with no related air contamination discharges. Geothermal and biomass frameworks emanate some air poisons; however add up to air discharges are by and large much lower than those of coal and petroleum gas discharge control plants.

Likewise, wind and sun oriented vitality require no water to work and in this manner don’t dirty water assets or strain supplies by contending with agribusiness, drinking water, or other vital water needs. Conversely, petroleum derivatives can significantly affect water assets: both coal mining and flammable gas can contaminate wellsprings of drinking water, and all warm power plants, including those controlled by coal, gas, and oil, pull back and devour water for cooling. Support of an entire sector behind our mission can boost the acceptability of green world initiatives and create urge amongst users to greatly adopt the lifestyle supporting renewable energy usage.

Awareness of job creation

The renewable energy is labor intensive, unlike the fossil fuel industry which is capital intensive. Targeting the job market as the median for awareness of renewables can turn out to be a smart move with the end goal being increased support and investment in projects and campaigns supporting renewable e energy

“Renewable energy already supports thousands of jobs in the United States. In 2016, the wind energy industry directly employed over 100,000 full-time-equivalent employees in a variety of capacities, including manufacturing, project development, construction and turbine installation, operations and maintenance, transportation and logistics, and financial, legal, and consulting services. More than 500 factories in the United States manufacture parts for wind turbines, and wind power project installations in 2016 alone represented $13.0 billion in investments.” – uscsusa.org

The job and health sector alongside awareness on the global warming issues is one pathway to induce user friendliness towards the renewable energy sector.  One key reform is to educate the young masses on renewable energy by not just increasing awareness in the existing curriculum on renewable sources of energy but also increasing the scope of the study, degrees as well as schools dedicated to the fields of solar, wind and other exponents of renewable energy. A holistic approach will help translate the renewable energy ambitions of countries to translate into worthwhile success.

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