Reduce Your Energy Bill: Use These Electricity and Energy Saving Tips

Electricity has revamped our lifestyle; it has brought revolution in our lives. But like all other resources, this is also a resource, and we need to use it carefully, so we don’t end up wasting it.

Here are some simple tips to save your electricity and reduce your bills.

1-  Air dry your laundry

It might seem like a tiny thing to do, but air drying is a very cheap thing way to save up some bills. On average dryers take up 6% of the electricity so you can easily save up this 6% by air drying your clothes. Furthermore, you can use a natural disinfector and bleacher which is the sun.

2-  Use natural light

One 100 watt incandescent bulb, when turned off for 2 hours, can save as much as 6$ each year. Instead of using bulbs during the day, start using natural lighting. When you are using natural light during the day, you end up saving at least another 9-10$ a year. Furthermore, when you are working, use task lighting, focused on your work, so rest of lights are not switched on.

3-   Take shorter showers

On average an American takes 15-minute long shower. Now, this wastes a lot of money and electricity as a result. Therefore, instead of taking long showers, try taking short showers. If you cut down your shower time by just a minute or two, you can easily save energy and almost 30$ a year.

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4-   Unplug

Unplug the devices that are not in use. Standby devices use around 10% of the electricity. By unplugging the unused devices, you can save up this 10% wastage, and this will also reduce your electricity bills.

Furthermore, you can also unplug that extra refrigerator which is not being optimally used and can significantly reduce the electricity wastage. While using the T.V when you are not recording, un-plug that PVR which is utilizing extra electricity for no good reason.

Another point where you can save up your energy is being efficient with water usage while shaving or brushing your teeth. Turn off the tap while you are shaving or brushing, it will save you up 5% annually on bills, and you will be reducing the usage of water and extra electricity.

5-  Keep an eye on the thermostat

Heating or cooling, both can quickly increase your bills. In summers try to shut down the cooling for the room where it is not being used. Run your Air conditioner at room temperature, i.e., 25 Degree Celsius. Or if you are heating then reduce your thermostat by 2 %, it will save you up to 5% on electricity wastage and also on your bills. You can be a little strategic with window drapes and can heat or cool your house per the sun outside. It will keep your house temperature in check, and you will save up a lot of electricity.

6-  Insulate your roof

By insulating your roof or walls, you are trapping the heat inside or keeping the house cool at close to the current temperature. This will significantly drive down your electricity bills, and a lot of valuable resources will be saved. Approximately, 5-degree temperature difference has been recorded when a roof was insulated vs. when it was not isolated.

These are pretty simple tips for you to significantly reduce your electricity bills and save the precious resource of electricity. However, these are not the only tips, but basic tips that can help you cut costs. Furthermore, you can go an extra mile by observing your activities and then according to that making an effective plan to reduce any waste you are doing right now. This may require a little effort but will help you in the long run. 

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