Save Some Green By Going Green

So Many Christmas Lights!!

Jim Bridgeforth knows that this is the time of year to go all out with lights, and decorations, and glitter. Well if you’re trying to stay environmentally conscious while you indulge in the Christmas holiday you have a few options. That’s right, you don’t have to skip Christmas just because you want to be environmentally conscious and save energy! There are a few options, if you don’t have solar panels, and you’re not using green energy to light your home then the other alternatives are as follows…


LED Christmas Lights

So it is important that if your going to put Christmas lights up, you use LED lights at the very least. Here’s why, lets say you leave regular bulb Christmas lights on in your home for “10 hours a day over the 12 days of Christmas, you’ll produce enough carbon dioxide – one of the main greenhouse gases – to inflate 64 balloons” (books, 2008). Using LED lights cuts the energy you use literally in half! LED are just as pretty of course, and a lot of “pre-lit” trees have LED lights. We just upgraded here at American Power and Gas. We put a brand new Christmas tree in the middle of the main floor and it is beautiful Christmas tree with LED lighting.



Solar Christmas Lights

Can you  guess which lights WE think are the coolest? Well, you got it, Solar Christmas lights are all the rage here at American Power and Gas. It’s extremely convenient because if you don’t have solar panels, you can participate in using solar energy during this holiday season. It just makes Christmas that much more fun! Of course this method not only helps reduce electric costs that you would typically experience during this holiday. It is also less messy, complicated, and hazardous then using power cords outside. Extra tip- you’re helping the environment, “by reducing carbon dioxide, and the amount of water used to produced and generate power” (Rajgor, 2012). Stay tuned on Water tips, we will be dropping some soon.


Projector Christmas Lights/ Decorations

Projector Christmas lights are a cute, handy, and environmentally friendly way of lighting up your yard and home. These little mechanisms don’t require much assembly, cords, or clean up, but they are a pretty unique site to see! Projector Christmas lights are used everywhere, they even reflect at your front door. Chose designs that appear to be Christmas lights in your bushes. With all different colors, and sizes, you can create a winter wonderland and snowflake effect on the side/ or front of your home! The projector lights are especially convenient for our elders who have been putting up Christmas lights for YEARS. After the simple task of getting the lights set up is done, they can smile a little bigger knowing they are saving energy and caring for the environment that their next generations will inhabit.

Keep In Touch

There are so many amazing things taking place in our office, we love sharing the past, present and future events with you. President Jim Bridgeforth  loves spreading knowledge on the newest, or just the coolest energy saving tips and innovations. Keep in touch with us, we post new things on Facebook all the time because we really care about each other and the environment! During this Holiday season you will see so many Christmas decorations, and we can only hope that this article will ring somewhat true to you. This year or next year make a few simple changes and jump on the green energy movement!



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