Switching to green energy power and natural gas is easier than ever.

Switching to green energy power and natural gas is easier than ever.

Get expert guidance from a Power & Gas Expert on how you can improve all aspects of the power-switching experience; from the rates to the benefits.

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  • Avoid the tedious process of searching for information online.
  • Educate yourself on all aspects of the power-switching experience by speaking directly to an expert.
  • Save time that you could use to do things that you enjoy.
  • Get someone to explain in detail what is the best way for you to save money and have more benefits with your energy bill.

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We are facing the coldest months of the year. Our team of Power & Gas Experts can walk you through our Checklist to help you understand what setup options are most effective for your house or business needs.

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    Some of the topics are:

    Find the right rate based on your house – business.

    (You will need to have your current energy bill with you to go over this topic).

    How switching power can help.

    When you choose a new electric supplier, you are not changing the utility company, instead, you are choosing the company that generates your electricity.

    Fixed vs variable rates.

    When shopping for a generation supplier it is important to know if you’re going to go with a fixed product or a variable. one.

    Green Energy.

    You should know the percent of renewable resources in your offer.

    Available benefits.

    There are some benefits to discuss that you might take advantage of.

    You may be able to save money and even earn money on your electric bill by switching your electric and gas supplier.

    Disclaimer: Participation in the Power & Gas Experts program is available by invitation only, and is non-transferable.

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