Knowing When to ‘Power Down’ and Stay Motivated

At American Power and Gas, President Jim Bridgeforth and CEO Tom Cummins are all about motivating employees. We all work hard at this company, and it does not go unnoticed. But what about taking  a break? Just as there are sayings of preserving to reach success, and achieving through embracing mistakes. It is important to relax and replenish in order to succeed. Self care, balance of life, and enlightenment through travel are crucial to a not only productive and creative life, but also a less stressful one as well. .  Today is international “plan a vacation Day” and we are excited to explain why you should totally go on a vacation!

Logical and Fun

Studies show that the reduction of mental and bodily stress due to lack of vacation is substantial. “A study was done on 13000 middle aged men at risk for heart disease and showed that the men who hadn’t taken a vacation in five years were 30 % more likely to suffer from heart attacks than men that had taken a week off each year” (pomeroy, 2013). Experience shows that vacations help reboot creativity. This boost comes from the separation form stress that we should experience while away from work. But creativity can also be inspired because vacationing, seeing new places, and learning about new cultures is neurologically stimulating.

Vacate and Motivate

The staff of American Power and Gas know how to balance life out and kick back when the time is due. We appreciate our staff so much that the CEO decided to create a game based on production that allows people to compete with each other for a vacation! Representatives will have an opportunity to win a vacation twice a month! We love using incentives to keep people motivated, and what better incentive than an actual vacation that will probably improve your whole perspective of life! The vacation options are  Orlando stay and SeaWorld, Daytona Beach and site seeing, or cape Canaveral, and space museum NASA! These are all perfect get-a-ways for anyone, and what perfect way to award the winners than the week of International “Plan a Vacation Day!”

Keep in Touch

We love sharing tips on how we keep our staff relaxed, valued, and involved. President Jim Bridgeforth knows how to empower employees and keep them coming back to work to provide a clean and reliable service to customers in deregulated states.  Check out all the fun we have on Facebook! Keep coming back to our page and we will make you a green energy innovation expert!

Pomeroy, Sean. “The Benefits of Vacation: Why Letting Employees Off Makes So Much Sense.” TLNT Talent Management And HR, OereMedia, 2013. web. Jan,30,2018



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