The Fun We Have with Jim Bridgeforth Is Just Spooky

Wicked Motivated!

President Jim Bridgeforth invited all the employees to compete in a Halloween costume contest yesterday! We had a huge turn out and you would be completely spooked if you knew how much fun we have at American Power and Gas! Every day our employees walk in the door knowing that they control their attitude and income. There is a huge sense of freedom, accomplishment, and also responsibility that comes with this environment. So what are some good ways to help people be successful? There are a few different things we can do to boost morale and keep people excited about showing up and working hard.It’s been found that, “employees who are enjoy their jobs are 12% more productive then ones who don’t”(Powers 2015). CEO Tom Cummins and President Jim Bridgeforth have been in the corporate world for so long, their regular practices have molded into ones that provide motivation.



Morning Meetings

Employee acknowledgement is important for helping exemplify how you want employees to behave. And acknowledgement promotes value in hard work form your employees. When people internally value what they do, it will reflect financially as well. Pull the passion from your employees, give them something to work towards. Make sure your employees know what they are fighting for. For example Employees at American Power and Gas are not just here for a paycheck. Jim and Tom make sure to let the employees know that for every green account enrolled, another part of the environment is saved. Every dollar made here, is another donation down the road. It feels good to know your serving something greater then yourself.




Jim Bridgeforth Offers Weekly Competition

Every day is a competition! Jim Bridgeforth announces a team winner every week at our Friday morning meeting. Each employee knows that in order for their team to win; everyone needs to be on their “A” Game. We love to compete here at American Power and Gas. In the administration office we do events that consist of running, we have jokes, we go to the gym together. We act as a family and everyone is constantly pushing each other to do their absolute best.

Having Fun

President Jim Bridgeforth knows how to have fun! We combined competition, fun, and a boost of  team work into this last week. We had a blast at the Halloween Costume Contest and it required a lot of support form all our team members. The admin team sent out reminders to dress up, our employees participated by dressing up, and our executives kept track of the winners. The admin and exec team provided doughnuts and candy for everyone. And Very importantly, our video guy got all the memories on camera! We had a blast! In Ragan article Joy Powers states, “An effective way to keep employees motivated is to treat them like real people.” (Powers, 2015). At American Power and Gas,  we treat our employees like family.


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