The Nine Most Eco Friendly Celebrities

Celebrities have always been known for supporting notable causes.  In recent years, a movement for protecting the environment has received a huge amount of support from the public and from these eco friendly celebrities.

Lets see which are the most passionate “Green Stars”:

1. Leonardo Di Caprio


From the climate change documentary, “11th hour“, to the reality show “Greensburg“, he is the Greener of the Green stars. He also created a foundation which helped raise awareness of environmental issues.


You can imagine that he lives in a completely environmentally friendly home, but what you may not know is that he also owns a $3,200 eco-friendly toilet!

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2. Edward Norton


On top of his ability to act, Edward is a renewable-energy expert. He has been pushing energy alternatives for some time now.

Norton is really engaged in the “Go Green Campaign”, helping low income families to go green and switch to renewable energy sources. Basically, his program BP Solar Neighbors, installs a solar system on a low income house every time a celebrity buys one for his or her own house.

On top of that, he was a host on the PBS show, “Strange Days on Planet Earth,” and as board member of Friends of High Line Group, he is trying to restore and rebuild green areas in Manhattan.

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3.  Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady


Gisele and Tom are living well and living socially responsibly in their 22,000 square foot chateau-inspired home.  Gisele Bundchen is a global ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program, who provide a “voice” for the environment.

Here you can find more photos of the Eco House. It is powered by solar panels positioned on the roof and has energy and water systems that lessen their impact on the surrounding environment. In addition, they opted for energy-saving lighting and appliances.

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4. Johnny Depp


Do you have an island to take care of? No? Well Johnny does. He hired Mike Striziki to transform it into a self-sustaining habitat based on solar hydrogen power.

And there is more, all the other structures that are in the plans to build on the island will be environmentally sustainable as well.

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5. Stella McCartney


Fashion star Stella McCartney is one of the most “Eco” style gurus.


Stella’s pride and joy is her studio, which is completely powered by wind energy.


Stella’s product line now offers shoppers the ability to choose how they want their clothing, shoes and bags shipped, as they offer a carbon neutral and Green way to ship! In addition, all of her clothing are organic.


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6. Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts established a solar-powered house in her $20 million green upgrade to her mansion. That included recycled tiling and sustainable building materials in order to keep the carbon footprint of the house at a minimum level.

Living in Malibu has its advantages, and Julia decided to benefit from the most natural energy source available, the sun. She is able to preserve the environment while enjoying her incredible estate.

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7. Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba co-founded Honest Company. The company sends this message on their website, “We believe if you can make an amazing product without harming people or the planet, you should (and we do believe we can). We feel tremendous responsibility to this planet we call home. We are serious about being honest stewards of the natural environment and protectors of the people.”

We need more celebrities taking a stand like this.
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8. Jon BonJovi


Rock star Job Bon Jovi is a strong Green Advocate.  Jon has an eco-friendly housing project rated with Habitat for Humanity in Brooklyn, NY.



Also, as part of Jon’s Foundation, he supports affordable green housing, starting with the first LEED-certified housing facility in Philadelphia. (LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)


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9. Maroon 5


This awesome band powers their tour buses with bio-diesel fuel, promoting recycling at their concert venues and devolve part of their ticket sales to Global Cool.


Maroon 5 actively supports these Green movements through playing at Live Earth and headlining the Greenbuild International Conference & Expo last year.



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