The Solar Energy Advantage

What are the benefits of leasing solar panels for your home?  It’s a question many people are asking these days, so here are some facts to consider. The goal here is to provide a neutral and unbiased look at leasing, and offer a solid set of ideas to look at in your unique situation.

In the past six years leasing of solar panels has been a new and growing market force. In states such as California, growth of 80% has occurred in the installation of solar panels.

Whether a homeowner decides to buy or lease solar panel one fact is not in dispute; adding solar panels increases the value of a dwelling. The amount of that increase is what every homeowner would like to know. A rule of thumb is that a solar system that yields $1500.00 in savings every year could increase the value of your home up to $30,000.00. That’s certainly a sunny fact!

Houses that have solar panels also are shown to sell 20% faster. In this volatile real estate market that’s a good fact to keep in mind.

There are many potential benefits to leasing solar panels. If you install leased solar panel electricity can be generated from the first day the system in in place. The operation of the system is assured, since it is owned by a third party company, it is in their best interest to keep the panels in perfect operating condition. Any repair or even replacement of soar panels are managed and handled by the leasing firm. In time all appliances and systems need replacement, so it’s comforting to know that your leasing partner will be there if and when your system needs an upgrade or exchange.

If a homeowner wants a solar system but does not have the financial resources or access to a loan, a lease can be a good solution.

The Lifespan of Solar Panels

If you are considering installation of solar panel one topic you will likely have interest in is how long a solar panel lasts. With appropriate care and cleaning a solar panel can last for forty years! There are always unforeseen issues that can make them fail, but generally solar panels are solidly manufactured and made to last!

If you want to “go solar,” there are crucial preparations that need to take place. One issue to clarify is your goal for the process. If your focus is on reducing your environmental footprint, it’s a good idea to have a home energy audit conducted by a reputable company. There are certain home improvements that can be undertaken to increase your electricity efficiency overall, such as sealing any air leaks, making sure your insulation is in place as well as having the most efficient lighting systems in your home possible. All of these things will go towards reducing the size of the system that needs to be installed in your home. They’re all positive changes that can be made whether or not you ultimately decide to install solar panels.

A question that is often asked by children and adults alike is “how do solar panels work”? Solar electric systems, also known as photovoltaic (PV) systems, take sunlight and turn it into electricity. Panels soak in sunshineSolarWind

 and through panels that are made up of tiny solar cells. Each solar cell utilizes natural sunlight to create electricity.

Whether or not we understand the process, each of us sees electricity at work every day. When an appliance or light is switched on, electrons move through the cord connected to an outlet and lights up the bulb. The movement of those electrons is electricity.

A solar cell uses light to move electrons. The cell is created from layers that are combined. The first layer has many electrons on it, and these electrons are prepared to move from one segment to another. The second layer has some empty spaces, which are filled by the electrons from the first layer. When sunlight hits an electron in the first layer, the electron jumps to the second layer. One electron makes another electron move, which then moves another electron, going on and on and on. Sunlight starts a flow of electrons that ultimately become electricity.


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