Tis The Green Season – Tom Cummins at American Power and Gas’ Christmas

Tom Cummins Provides Holiday Edition- Energy Savings!

Tom Cummins  CEO of American Power and Gas wants to know what gift you’re giving to the environment during this Christmas season. The environment gives to us right?

Tom Cummins has laid tips out here on how you can give back to the environment. During this holiday season you can show your appreciation to the environment, and also to your future. Of course the holidays are busy and really the last thing some of us want to think about is reducing electricity. We want to see lights, and sparkles, and trees! Today we live in a world that we can have both at the same time, but the change starts with us.

Little Things Make A Difference

Driving around with all the presents in your car? Drop them off under the tree ASAP. The more weight in the car, the more gas you use! Try some carpooling this season, while sight seeing lights, shopping or just visiting family. Find out the direction your  friendly neighbors are going and head out with them to run your errands, or offer to let them tag a long with you.

 There are tons of decorations for trees that don’t require lighting but still appear beautiful! If you do use lights on your tree (many of us will); throw out those old school Christmas lights that you’ve had for too long. Buy some new LED lights! In addition to that, did you know you can save energy and get light timers for the lights you do use? Light timers prevent lights from being on at 4:30 am when no one is coming by and the sun is about to rise. There are also solar Christmas light options and Tom Cummins wants us to give the scoop on those too!

Tom Cummins Suggests To Think Before You Cook

Cooking a few dishes at one time is helpful, and washing everything in the dishwasher at the same time saves energy too. But what about taking this even further and making some of your side dishes in the crock pot instead of the oven? Tom Cummins wants us to share some of the energy saving but delicious recipes with you in our next blog so stay tuned!

How about sharing meals with more then just your immediate family, to save energy? Yeah, invite your neighbors over cook a big meal for ten or more of you and save a whole house hold from using their electricity. You can even take your leftovers to shelters and different places/ people that might not have any holiday dinner.- This isn’t exactly and energy savings tip but helping people is good for everyone!


Chimney maintenance is important. Just as much as we check our homes for insulation, make sure you are evaluating the quality of cushion around your fireplace. Get an Energy Audit, this is a service that allows you to detect where you may need to upgrade appliances, or doorways, for insulating purpose etc. Getting an energy audit is a big present for yourself, family and the environment. By getting an audit you can save money for you and your family, and conserve energy which helps the environment.


Happy Holidays From Tom Cummins

No matter what you do this holiday season make sure you are safe and have fun! We love giving advice on energy savings options. Tom Cummins loves to give information to everyone and help them understand the energy industry better. At the end of the day we are just a big company filled with people that care about the environment. Take some of the tips and be part of the change to save the world if you want. Keep in touch with us through Facebook, and stay tuned on the upcoming events for the holidays!


Thank you for reading!