Take a Bite of Green Energy this Halloween

COMPANY NEWS — American Power and Gas’ CEO, Tom Cummins and the rest of the team are super excited because it is Halloween time AND National Caramel Apple Day! The team at American Power and Gas are super passionate about green energy innovation and Mr Cummins provides so many tips on how to abide by social responsibility principals.  But what about other companies? What is everyone else doing to help out? There are a lot of companies that support and use renewable resources. Our CEO thought because it was National Caramel apple day that we should put “Apple” Company on the spot! “In 2015 Apple made a huge commitment to sustainable practices”(Phillips,2015) so the scenario was appropriate for the event.

Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility is about increasing production in the present time and meeting customers needs, while minimizing the impact of future harm. The commitment from Apple in 2015 was to use less paper and contribute to the protection of forestry, primarily in China. Apple has vowed to keep millions of acres of forestry under protection. Apple didn’t stop there,  “In April, Apple announced plans to partner with solar manufacturer SunPower to build two 20-megawatt solar projects in China’s Sichuan province” (Phillips,2015).

Work Makes the Dream Work

Our CEO and staff do our best to educate people on how to make a difference. It is nice to know that a huge company such as Apple is advocating for change. The more people that support this movement the stronger it gets. Let’s keep up the good work! Spread the word on these cool topics. Create Awareness for the environment!


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