Energy Conscious Business? Suggest Carpooling to Employees

As the end of the week approaches, our CEO Tom Cummins is preparing to make another announcement on how important carpooling is! American Power and Gas has been voted one of the top fastest growing companies in the area. With that being said, potentially parking could begin to become an issue here at the office. After considering solutions, Tom suggested the solution of carpooling. Not only does this help the parking situation. More importantly, carpooling is extremely helpful for the environment. The benefits to carpooling include other things as well like personal, social, and communal.

Cummins and the team at American Power and Gas first had to look at the cold hard facts on the amounts of pollution we create. Every day Samaritans complete simple tasks, like going to work, or school. Society travels to and from grocery stores, malls, movies etc. It is typical for these Samaritans to complete their daily routine in a Car or SUV. “During a years time of completing these simple tasks Cars and SUV pollute Hydrocarbon (up to 100+ pounds), Carbon monoxide(up to 800+ lbs.), Nitrogen oxide(up to 50+ lbs.), and Carbon Dioxide (UP to 10,000+ lbs.)” (BGSU 2017)! All of us have a part! But what can we do differently?

Our CEO had admin staff surveying employees to gather data on who is carpooling, or who is willing to carpool and continues to announce the importance of carpooling and entice employees to support and apply this solution. American Power and Gas is a company that prides themselves on helping the environment and community.

Unfortunately in Florida we don’t have the option to use renewable energy sources by choosing suppliers. Unless you choose to have solar panels installed on your roof top, as Floridians we are powerless over the energy we use. What we can do is save energy and reduce toxicity by reducing the amount of energy we use and the amount of pollution we create. Carpooling is one of the methods we can choose to support the green energy movement and help the environment.

Environmental Benefits to Carpooling

Carpooling helps reduce the amount of smog and gas that cars and SUVs pollute. Carpooling can reduce the gases and fumes that emit from vehicles polluting, soil, water, and air. While polluting water and soil of course the plants and animals leaning on the use of these resources to survive are exposed to the harmful gases and chemicals. Exposure to these toxins affect animals reproductive systems and other parts of their bodies. Carpooling can reduce the toxins that are released from vehicles and cause acid rain. Therefor increasing the overall quality of life, and not just for humans, but for every living organism on this planet.

Personal Benefits To Carpooling

It is proven that carpooling everyone saves money on gas and two people sharing cars can reduce traveling costs drastically. This allows people to be in better spirits and financial positions while actually doing some great things for the environment. Where as in some cases when we help the environment or any cause, the emotional pay off is nice but it can be costly to one’s wallet. With Carpooling helping a movement makes things easier and more convenient. OF course breathing in polluted air is less healthy then enhaling clean air. The health benefits are immense, while carpooling and reducing pollution and minimize sickness and intolerance like asthma, lung cancer, and allergies, COPD.  Driving with company in the car during one’s commute reduces stress while dealing with traffic.

Community Benefits To Carpooling

We are able to help the environment, and our community by carpooling and getting each other to work, school, or grocery stores etc. Some people don’t have vehicles but want to work, and carpooling helps keep people active and contributing to society. We bond through these processes and we show our children what community is like. Children that come after us will know what it is like to really take care of the things we love. Think about it, we love our kids and we want to create a safe place for them to grow up and raise future generations right? Well if we really stand by that we need to follow through by doing our part to not only make sure they have good morals, values, and possibly inheritances. But most importantly we need to make sure the future generations have a clean and safe planet to live in.

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