What is energy deregulation?

In the coming age of distributed energy resources, domestic power generation, electric vehicles, smart appliances, and home automation, the energy industry faces enormous change. Let’s find out what is deregulation.

Traditional electric service is under reorganization. If you don’t know what we are talking about, here is some information.

Definition of energy deregulation

Deregulation is the reduction or elimination of government power in a particular industry (Energy in this case), usually enacted to create more competition within the industry.

Power grid

The utility company was selling the cost of pipes and wires PLUS the energy, creating a lack of competition for consumers.

Because wires and poles are already in place, there was no space for other competitors. The utility company could operate as the only seller in a billion-dollar market.


There is an opportunity for the customer to choose suppliers that can offer better deals because the market is open. The supplier will work seamlessly with the utility company. Still, both companies will simply do their best. The supplier will provide a good deal for energy. The utility will still deliver electricity and make sure it’s always on.

opportunity of energy deregulation

You have the right to choose to switch to a competing supplier that can offer you better deals and rebates than your current one. Best of all, you can shop for energy without being caged in long term contracts.

You might have options at this exact moment to explore!

Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, and other states have deregulated both their electric and gas industries, and about 30 states have deregulated at least one. Another couple dozen states have deregulated electric, gas, or both. The American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers provides a state-by-state map. Confirm with your state regulators because policies are always evolving.

In many states, you have the option to choose your natural gas provider and or energy service company. Take advantage of the benefits of energy choice! Explore the website and learn more about the options available to you.

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