What’s Your Favorite Place?

Don’t Just Love to Travel, Love the World


President Jim Bridgeforth and CEO Tom Cummins do their best to advocate for the environment’s preservation. So we thought providing some info on the beauty of the environment would inspire incentive for sustainable practices. There are so many beautiful places in the world. President Jim Bridgeforth and CEO Tom Cummins are the most equip to validate the value of the world, as they have seen a lot of it! Previous blogs list theories and facts on global warming, energy conservation tips, green energy innovations etc. But some of the real wonders in the world that we have yet to share are completely natural. Winter vacation is approaching so it is really time to start planning! Jim Bridgeforth wants to share some great ideas on what to do for your winter vacation. Jim Bridgeforth hopes to exemplify why the woods are important for more then just paper and production.


Everyone’s Foreign to Someone

No where better to start then “Yellowstone National Park. After all  Yellowstone was the very first natural park in the world; labeled as the largest volcanic area and for the famous geysers” (Minube 2014). Many know of the endless grand cannon and it’s bands of space and scenery. The European paradise KrKa National Park in Croatia is almost too good to be true. “Even with clear blue oceans and free flowing breathtaking waterfalls KrKa National Park can’t compete with the Brazilian Iguazu National Park” (Minube 2014). Iguazu National Park In Argentina Brazil is easily the most amazing waterfall park in the world.  Let’s not leave out  Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park in China; with similar flowing attributes, but also providing much more then falling water as a site. “Brilliant green forestry and leaf changing seasons” (Minube, 2014) showing all the colors of the world and imagination in this Chinese fairy tale.




Where Do You Want To Go?

Are you up for a trip to the mountains? If you are make sure to stop in at Jasper National Park in Canada, don’t hault at the Rockies. Jasper Park is wide, long and full of embraceable nature. Good luck Staying warm in the Torres del Paine in Chile. While you gaze upon the long distance of glaciers, know that you will probably never see anything else like it. Looking for something a little more rugged but calm? Stay in the UK near Wales so you can check out Snowdonia National Park, as within this park is one one of the coolest lakes to check out and a really great community too!






Flat Doesn’t Mean Boring

Flat Lands is you desire? Well we recommend  Los Roques Archipelago, in Venezuela in the summer or visit Africa’s Chitwan National Park during this coming cold season. You could travel to the Komodo National Park, Indonesia and experience some old dangerous friends of the food chain, the Komodo dragon. Want to build a sand castle or play in the greens? Well for a gritty adventure you can check out Namib-Naukluft National Park. “Although the sand dune that is as high as the skyscraper doesn’t exactly qualify for flat lands, this park had to be mentioned” (Minube, 2014)! Or if you need your fill of atmospheric greens then get a salty taste of the everglades in the tips of Florida.






Keep In Touch

From Florida beauties to foreign magnificence, there are sites in every corner of the world. Keep in touch so President Jim Bridgeforth and CEO Tom Cummins can keep giving you tips on how to keep this world a very beautiful place.


Here’s where we got some of our Facts on these beautiful places:   https://www.huffingtonpost.com/minube/the-35-most-amazing-natio_b_5439362.html




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